Investment Management

What to Expect

You may not have the time, interest, desire or expertise to manage your investments. Let us take care of investments and allow you to focus more on what you’re passionate about. When we work together, you can expect:

    • Direct access to the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ managing your investments
    • Fee-only investment management – no hidden fees, including commissions for product sales or referrals
    • An investment and rebalancing strategy tailored to your unique financial situation
    • Portfolio monitoring and market updates
    • Global diversification
    • No investment minimums
    • Access to Dimensional Funds
    • Online access to your investments

Dimensional Funds

As an added value, our clients receive access to Dimensional funds. Dimensional’s institutional mutual funds can only be accessed through approved financial advisors. Dimensional funds are considered a hybrid active and passive investing solution designed to help investors pursue higher expected returns. Dimensional funds applies academic research to practical investing built around the analysis of Nobel Prize-winning economist Professor Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago and Professor Kenneth French of Dartmouth College.

Dimensional Funds

How Much Investment Risk?

Safe Landing Financial uses technology to limit emotion when making investment decisions. Determining how much investment risk to take and sticking with your strategies developed allows you to build and maintain your wealth.

First, it’s important to determine a risk score that you are most comfortable with. After that is figured out, we model your current portfolio to determine a risk score for the investments. During the planning process, we determine how much investment risk you need to reach your financial goals. The last step is assigning a target risk score based on your unique situation.

SLF Investment Risk Questionnaire Investor Profile


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A complimentary 4-step process sharing how to minimize
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This process is designed to help you evaluate our services
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