Planning Financial Future- Seeking Financial Confidence- Case Study



Gloria is a high-earning distinguished engineer at Dell Technologies.

While historically, she hasn’t given much attention towards planning her financial future, Gloria was recently promoted to a higher job title and income level and wants to take better control of her finances. The promotion includes restricted stock units (RSUs) as part of her compensation package and access to the mega-backdoor Roth 401(k) and deferred compensation.

Gloria’s goals are to maximize assets, lower taxes, and plan her financial future. She doesn’t have the time, interest, desire, or expertise to manage her finances. She values having expert guidance to assure she’s maximizing her unique financial situation.


Gloria wishes to better manage her finances. She wants to better utilize resources to establish financial confidence and maximize finances for the future.

Gloria needs help with eliminating debt and saving for the future. Gloria enjoys living in her luxury apartment but wants to buy a home in the next few years. She wants a plan to save aggressively and efficiently to reach her financial goals.

Gloria’s had multiple brokers reach out to pitch her on products but she isn’t looking to buy a product. Gloria values a long-term relationship with a fiduciary financial advisor. She needs an expert to help her plan for today and also plan for her financial future as life changes. She also needs help determining the best way to handle her RSUs.


Gloria wasn’t sure where to start, so she reached out to Safe Landing Financial (SLF) for a complimentary introduction meeting to plan her financial future. As a trusted advisor, SLF starts every new relationship by asking questions and listening to understand their unique financial situation. Here is how SLF helped Gloria plan for her financial future.


SLF provides Gloria with peace of mind from visualizing and having conversations regarding her customized financial plan. 

Here are some ways SLF helps Gloria to reach her financial goals:

  • SLF stress-tests scenarios to show a high probability of success for reaching Gloria’s financial goals and having funds last throughout her lifetime.
  • SLF helps Gloria consolidate debt. Next, SLF strategizes the best way for Gloria to budget for paying debt, building an emergency fund, and saving for her financial goals.
  • SLF determines an appropriate investment strategy based on Gloria’s financial goals and risk tolerance. Investment fees have been reduced with SLF now managing investments. SLF evaluates investment options and makes recommendations for Gloria’s 401(k). Gloria now has an asset allocation and rebalancing strategy tracking to her goals.
  • SLF determines a strategy to help with tax-efficiency and limit concentration risk for RSUs.
  • SLF shows Gloria where to make future contributions to maximize assets.
  • SLF helps Gloria utilize her employer benefits. 
  • SLF minimizes Gloria’s taxes by evaluating retirement account contributions, Roth conversions, charitable contributions, Social Security, and retirement income distribution.
  • SLF works directly with Gloria’s CPA, estate planning attorney and insurance agent. By holding an open line of communication, SLF stays aware of changes to laws and helps to fill any potential planning gaps to make sure she’s taken care of.

Gloria has financial confidence knowing her financial plan is organized. With an ongoing planning relationship with SLF, Gloria’s financial future is in good hands.


A complimentary 4-step process sharing how to minimize
taxes, optimize investments, and enjoy retirement on your terms.

This process is designed to help you evaluate our services
and make an informed choice for planning your financial future.


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Disclosure: The above planning for the future case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual Safe Landing Financial client. No part of this content should be taken as a guarantee that their household will experience similar results if Safe Landing Financial is chosen to provide financial planning services.

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