Financial Planning for Retirement - Seeking Financial Clarity - Case Study

ERIC (50) & KELLY (48)


Eric and Kelly lack clarity and a financial plan for retirement. They are motivated to organize their financial life before approaching retirement.

They aren’t entirely sure when they want to “retire”. However, they are not sure if they want to continue working for the same company until age 65. They want to better understand when they can leave their high-earning careers, whether that’s to pursue an early retirement, a sabbatical, or other career opportunities.

Eric and Kelly need help making a financial plan for retirement. They don’t want for every day to be Saturday. Instead, they are planning to enjoy financial independence without the need to work.


Eric is an account executive for Meta and Kelly is a senior director at Dell Technologies.

Eric and Kelly earn mid-six-figure incomes, save aggressively for their retirement and investment accounts, have no debt outside of their home mortgage, and have protected themselves with adequate insurance. Kelly has been fortunate to earn additional compensation with restricted stock units (RSUs) making up about 40% of their investments.

Eric and Kelly envision spending their retirement years making memories with their family. They want the option to retire early. However, they don’t see themselves quitting work forever due to their passion for the career they have built. Maybe down the road, they will use their skills in a different way to help other industries.

With retirement on their mind, they value having a fiduciary financial advisor guide them to make the best decisions with their money. Eric and Kelly aren’t retiring tomorrow. They want to know when they can and how they can live comfortably.


Eric and Kelly weren’t sure where to start, so they reached out to Safe Landing Financial (SLF) for a complimentary introduction meeting for planning to retire on their terms. As a trusted advisor, SLF starts every new relationship by asking questions and listening to understand their unique financial situation. Here is how SLF helped Eric and Kelly reach financial clarity.


SLF provides Eric and Kelly with confidence in reaching their goals from visualizing and having conversations regarding their customized financial plan. 

Here are some ways SLF helps Eric and Kelly to reach their financial goals:

  • SLF compiles information for retirement and investment accounts held at multiple firms and consolidates accounts when possible.
  • SLF stress-tests scenarios of retiring at different ages to show a high probability of success for funds lasting throughout Eric and Kelly’s lifetime.
  • SLF determines an appropriate investing strategy based on Eric and Kelly’s financial goals and risk tolerance. Investment fees have been reduced with SLF now managing investments. SLF diversifies risk away from Kelly’s concentration of employer stock. SLF evaluates investment options and makes recommendations for Eric and Kelly’s 401(k) plans. Eric and Kelly now have an asset allocation and rebalancing strategy tracking to their goals.
  • SLF shows Eric and Kelly where to make future contributions to maximize assets.
  • SLF helps Eric and Kelly utilize their employer benefits.
  • SLF minimizes their taxes by evaluating Kelly’s RSUs, retirement account contributions, Roth conversions, charitable contributions, Social Security, and retirement income distribution.
  • SLF works directly with Eric and Kelly’s CPA, estate planning attorney and insurance agent. By holding an open line of communication, SLF stays aware of changes to laws and helps to fill any potential planning gaps to make sure they’re taken care of.
  • Eric and Kelly have clarity from knowing their financial life is organized. With a financial plan for retirement in place, they can enjoy their lifestyle without needing to worry about funds running out.


A complimentary 4-step process sharing how to minimize
taxes, optimize investments, and enjoy retirement on your terms.

This process is designed to help you evaluate our services
and make an informed choice for planning your financial future.


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Disclosure: The above financial planning for retirement case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual Safe Landing Financial client. No part of this content should be taken as a guarantee that their household will experience similar results if Safe Landing Financial is chosen to provide financial planning services.

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