Beyond Investment Headlines

September 2, 2019by Brian Fry CFP®

When scouring investment headlines, the reality is no expert or fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ knows what the market is going to do today or next week. If a “financial expert” claims to know what will happen today in the market, you should run for the hills.

9. Look Beyond Investment Headlines

Daily market news and commentary can challenge your investment discipline. Some messages stir anxiety about the future while others tempt you to chase the latest investment fad.

Investment news and market predictions are written to cater to emotions of fear and greed. Unfortunately, this can influence people’s view of investing. The key is to not fall into the trap.

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez

Without a strong investment philosophy to guide them, they also may follow the advice of friends, neighbors, or family, especially if the “insight” promises a fast, easy return. 

But growing wealth has no shortcuts. Success requires a solid investment approach, a long-term perspective, and discipline to stay the course.

What can you do to combat noisy investment headlines? Focus on your financial plan. Stick to your investment strategy and strategic asset allocation. Avoid watching “financial experts” on television and consider working with a fee-only  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ that serves as a fiduciary.


This is part nine of a ten part series in pursuing a better investment experience.

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